The actual dry cleaning process is completely automated. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents which not only leave the garments odour-free but also scotch guards it for protection against stains. The garments are then put through

Professional Drycleaning
Your garments are first inspected for stains, loose buttons or beads and open seams, etc. and you are informed immediately of any irregularities. Your garments are then pre-treated for stain removal if required and are finally dry cleaned by our skilled technicians, leaving your garments looking like new and smell-free thanks to odourless chemicals.

Specialists in Garment care of Suits and Jackets
Each suit is individually treated by our garment care specialists using the finest of products available on the international market. The garment is ironed on a special system which helps retain the original shape of the garment.

Extra Care for Indian Ethnic Wear
Many Indian Ethnic wear garments contains surface ornamentation on the most delicate of fabrics. We understand the need for extra care and unique service of such garments, which has earned us our reputation over the past years.

Finest Shirt Service
Our shirt service guarantees a "ready to wear" shirt with clean, crisp collars & cuffs. On our state-of-the-art finishing equipment collars and cuffs are precisely pressed and rolled to perfection, giving your garments a professional finish that will make you look & feel the part!

Custom Packaging
Our customers have the option to have their garments returned to them either on specially designed hangers or individually folded. In both these options, we provide plastic packaging which protects the garments from dust and keeps the condition of the garment the same as it was once processed at our plant.
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